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Our Story

Personalized Patient Care We at CREATIVE DENTISTRY, are dedicated to personalized professional care for all our patients. We take pride in crafting our patients’ dental health first and providing you with only the highest quality materials, our skilled professionals use the latest in dental technology available.

By combining state of the art equipment with the skilled gentle hands of our professionals, we at CREATIVE DENTISTRY can assure that not only you will achieve better results, but also will have a much more pleasant dental experience.

We are committed to providing you with comprehensive information about your dental well-being. We at CREATIVE DENTISTRY- Your Hollywood Dentist, believe that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their dental health, so they can maintain their healthy beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

When you come to CREATIVE DENTISTRY, with any dental care need, we will first strive to understand your need, preferences, and the complexity of your case. Afterward, our experienced professionals will suggest the most suitable dental treatment for you in order to maintain and improve your dental health and ensure all your needs and preferences are met. Our purpose is not only to offer unique dental services but also ensure that we offer the highest individualized quality attention you deserve CALL US or VISIT US TODAY.